Let me tell you more about earning from owning a condo home

Residual income or passive income is the money you earn with little or no effort. Given the economic crisis gripping our country, many people are looking for ways to earn and make extra money. Some people realize monetizing condos is one of the best ways to do so. This guide will teach you all about earning passive income from your condo home. We’ll show you all of the ways to earn passive income from Gentry Manor, including investing in the project and leasing out your unit. You will be able to see the different benefits of investing or renting out a unit in Gentry Manor.

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Owning Is Easy

Investors can easily invest in a Megaworld Manila condo home. Investing in a condo home is made easy. Step One, you have to speak to our Professional Property Specialists. They will guide you through the ownership process. Step Two, confirm unit availability. Select the best unit that fits your family and your needs. Choosing your next condo home is easy thru the Availability Chart and the Flexible and Easy Investment schemes that will be shared with you. Step Three, you will be asked to fill out forms and submit the required documents to complete the transaction. Step Four, deposit the reservation fee and Down Payment. We have Philippine Peso and US Dollar accounts where you can transfer and deposit your payment for cashless transactions. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards for your convenience.


Lease Out your Condo Home

Leasing out your condo home is a good income-generating strategy. You can opt for short-term or long-term leases. All you have to do is set rules and be a good landlord to your tenants. Do your math too! Make sure your lease price will be enough to cover either your monthly amortization or your Association dues. You have a very good advantage because Gentry Manor offers a great array of top-notch amenities for your tenants to enjoy. It is strategically located in Westside City in the Bay area. It has the best view of the Manila Bay Sunset and the cool sea breeze is just a few steps away from your balcony. These should be enough reasons for you to entice a couple or a family looking for their next home in the city!

the practicality of investing in a pre-selling condo

Rental is the Answer

List your unit for other travelers to stay in your unit. There are many ways to do this thru listing in Vacation Rentals in the city such as Airbnb, Wimdu, and Market Place, or advertising it thru social media sites. You have the option to rent out the whole unit or just a room in your condo home. If you choose to have your condo home rented out, make sure to upgrade your unit and make it as homey as possible. Include extra bed spaces and seating spaces to enjoy the view from your balcony. Staying at Gentry Manor is a good option for travelers or those looking for staycation places within the Entertainment City – Westside City in the Bay Area. Gentry Manor is also conveniently located near International and Domestic airports. It is also located near entertainment places such as malls, casinos, resorts, and museums.


Parking Rental

You can easily earn from your unused parking space. You will be surprised at the number of people looking for parking spaces in the Metro or even within your condo home. Don’t let your parking space go to waste by having it rented out by other condo homeowners who were not able to purchase their own parking space. There are a lot of tenants who were not able to purchase one. Grab this opportunity to earn.



There are really a lot of ways how you can earn from your condo home investment. This can be a source of continuous income for you aside from your work income. Make sure to choose wisely and invest in a condo home that promotes both convenience and an upscale lifestyle only a Megaworld condo home can offer. Inquire today and be able to choose from the available units at Gentry Manor and avail the easy payment terms being offered to pre-selling units!