What are the 2021 Philippine real estate trends you need to know about?

  1. Preferences for secure properties
  2. New normal design trends
  3. Demand for green spaces
  4. Excellent connectivity-ready properties


The past years have been quite eventful for industries across the world, especially the real estate industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic still becoming rampant, it has taken much effort for the best condo developers in the Philippines to stay afloat. According to experts, the Philippines’ real estate market took a major hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global recession. However, the future is promising with a 7.8 percent recovery growth in 2021. This being said, there is current concern about the 2021 Philippine real estate trends we have yet to expect.

The real estate industry has every right to be concerned with the trends because the COVID-19 crisis resulted in travel restrictions, economic uncertainty, reduced consumer confidence, and more. The good news is that the 2021 Philippine real estate trends are leaning towards significant growth and improvement from the negative impacts of the pandemic.

Here are four 2021 real estate trends in the Philippines that both developers and residents can expect.


Preferences for Secure Properties

More than a real estate trend, security is a basic human right. Therefore, it is also a non-negotiable requirement for residential properties such as condominiums.

Given that the past few years were filled with much distress due to the pandemic, homebuyers are on the lookout for units that go beyond living spaces. With great crisis and challenges, come greater responsibilities to ensure secure units that provide optimal living conditions for residents.

The definition of secure in condominiums encompasses various factors including 24/7 CCTV systems, security guard operations, alarm systems, access control systems, and natural disaster (fire, earthquake, flood) protection capabilities. As a homebuyer, you should be on the lookout for residential properties that can keep you and your loved ones secure. The last thing anyone would want in the middle of the crisis are problems that threaten security.

In the case of Megaworld Manila, resident’s security is highly prioritized and this is evident in each project built by the developer. Take the Kingsquare Residential Suites and One Uptown Residence as an example. Both are equipped with security command centers for 24-hour monitoring of all building facilities, CCTVs, fire detection sprinkler, and alarm systems, security offices, standby power generator, video-phone communication systems connecting to the reception counter, and more to provide residents with utmost peace of mind when it comes to security in their residential spaces.


New Normal Design Trends

New Normal Design Trends

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone rethink their way of living. Following the quarantine orders, more and more people are spending more time inside their homes to protect their health. With a focus on work-from-home and online class setting, the spotlight has also been cast upon the way residential properties are designed.

Malls and other commercial establishments are strictly observing health and safety protocols. A similar concept is arising as a 2021 Philippine real estate trend. Arguably, there is a need for properties that are ready for the new normal.

Condominium entryways are being transformed to have transitional spaces that allow people to sanitize thoroughly. Moreover, during the pandemic, there has been a staggering increase in online shopping. Through a monitored and sanitized entryway, there are now safety provisions for handling parcels in condominiums.

More homebuyers are also paying close attention to air-purifying capabilities and smart appliances on residential properties. All these are becoming a trend in the real estate industry among homeowners due to their ability to prevent microbes from spreading.

Thanks to the developments in technology, there are innovative tools and equipment that help residential properties practice proper hygiene. Megaworld Manila condominiums prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of the employees and tenants through their safe, health-oriented buildings. The innovations in the townships include ‘no mask- no entry’ policies, foot baths, temperature scans, social distancing monitoring, disinfection chambers, and UV light elevator handrails.


Demand for Green Spaces

One of the major things that people lost access to during the pandemic was the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Given the infectious nature of COVID-19, residents choose to stay indoors, often in cramped living spaces. The impact on Metro Manila residents was the most drastic with cities having little to no space to breathe, play, or relax outdoors.

Homes now go beyond living spaces; they are workplaces, schools, and places for relaxing all at the same time. Having been deprived of the comfort of nature, the concept of open and green spaces will continue to rise in popularity among the Philippine real estate trends this 2021.

Condominiums with exercise amenities, gardens, and naturally ventilated spots are now in demand to a greater extent. Homebuyers and developers alike are also starting to distinguish the hygienic advantages of living within residential projects that offer amenities with green spaces.

For this reason, residing in a condominium like One Uptown Residents proves to be advantageous for homebuyers. In this 43-story residential haven, nature is the driving inspiration behind the design. You and your loved ones can take delight in the alluring surroundings with the water cascades, several sky gardens, artificial lagoons with lush gardens, an outdoor play area, gym, aerobics room, yoga and Pilates room, and al-fresco lounges.


Excellent Connectivity-Ready Properties

Young attractive happy Asian women using laptop and smartphone w

As schools and the majority of physical workplaces remain closed, students and employees are spending more time at home. Work-from-home and online class settings have been adopted to mitigate the threat of infection in the country. Therefore, easy access to the internet is a Philippine real estate trend for 2021.

Ideally, residential properties must have the capability to support remote work. Every condo unit needs to have provisions for a good internet connection and good cell tower reception. As a homebuyer, you would do well moving to Kingsquare Residential Suites unit where there is ready-made provision for Wi-Fi internet access.


Key Takeaway

The 2021 Philippine real estate trends are highly focused on adaptability and safety for the sake of recreation and day-to-day responsibility. As difficult as these past years have been for the world, hope remains for the real estate industry.

At Megaworld Manila, our properties are designed to upscale your lifestyle even under the pandemic. If you need assistance in purchasing a Megaworld Manila residence or visiting a showroom, you may click here. For more inquiries, contact our team at 8-241-8000 or +63 926 679 8277.