Adulting is tough. You get to live on your own. Decide on your own. Pay bills on your own. And just be an adult to survive daily living. You have lived for years and acquired lots of stuff — books, appliances, your collection, clothes, shoes, and all other paraphernalia you have hoarded all these years.

Now that you have saved enough to buy your own condo home, this is the time for you to look into the things you have acquired thru the years. Be able to identify what you want to bring to your new condo home and what you want to say goodbye to.

It may take a while for you to pack. So start as early as possible. Be ready with your tools and supplies. Be ready to organize things you own. Be generous in donating what you don’t need. Remember, that there are other people who find a use for the things you don’t want and need.

Don’t be lazy to pack and clean your old home. A new beginning waits in your new condo home. Read about the tips we have compiled to help you pack — stress-free.

  1. Make sure to pack what is only necessary and can be used in your new condo home.
  2. Make sure all your belongings are packed well. That means all fragile items should be wrapped and labeled.
  3. It is advisable to pack your belonging per room and make sure to label the boxes.
  4. A week before moving out, sort your belongings and clear any clutter in every room.
  5. Prepare your “OPEN FIRST” box. It should include towels, beddings, kitchen basics, bathroom supplies, toys or games for the kids to keep them occupied, and other tools to help you set up in your new condo home. Do not forget the snacks, water, and cleaning supplies.
  6. Secure cords when packing. Label them and take a photo of how they should be plugged into your entertainment system.
  7. Label and number your boxes. Color coding the boxes is also a good idea.
  8. Have spare light bulbs on hand to use in your new condo home.
  9. Place all important documents in one box. You should bring this upon moving into your new condo home (i.e. Home purchase papers. Will, financial records, contracts, passports, birth and marriage certificates, and manuals and warranties for your appliances).
  10. Roll clothes to pack more and be able to utilize the space rather than folding them
  11. A “Master List” is important! Have a checklist of all the items you pack per box so you would know if something is missing.
  12. Pack knives in potholders. Cutleries should be packed together for easy unpacking.
  13. Don’t take off clothes from their hangers. Wrap it in a garbage bag and seal. This way, it will be easy to unpack.
  14. It is recommended to move out on a weekend to avoid weekday traffic.
  15. Prepare your packing supplies – old newspaper, boxes, packing tape, markers, scissors, box cutter, bubble wrap, zip lock bags, and trash bags.