Moving into a new condo home is one of the exciting parts of adulthood!

Make this your excuse to shop for new furniture for your new home. Moreover, this is the right time to think about upgrading your gadgets and appliances. You can also bring out your artistic side when decorating your new home.

Let us help you with some tips for moving into your new home.

  1. Keeping your home secure should be your priority. Install locks and deadbolts to keep the thieves away. Have the numbers of your locksmith handy in case of emergency. Also, label your spare keys and have them duplicated if necessary. To help you find the right furniture, take a photo of your unit while it is bare and empty. Get the measurements of each room to help you decide on the furniture and appliances you will purchase.
  2. Ensure that the light switches and wall sockets are working. Be ready with extra light bulbs, new hinges, and new accessories for your new home.
  3. The faucets, toilet flush, and drainages should not be clogged and working.
  4. Safety should be a priority. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should have new batteries and be strategically installed within your unit.
  5. To guarantee the efficiency of opening and closing the commonly used parts of a home, ensure that the doors, knobs, and handles are all installed correctly.
  6. At least two (2) weeks before your big move, scout for utility providers in your area. Make sure the internet and cable providers are the reliable ones. Inquire and have them installed before you move in.
  7. You also need to be familiar with the neighborhood. Go around and check the nearest park, mall, grocery, laundry service, deli, coffee shop, hardware, craft store, flower shop, and other stores nearby.
  8. Do not forget to acquaint yourself with the nearest commuting routes, banks, hospitals, and clinics.
  9. Be familiar with the roads, alleys, and bike paths you can use.
  10. Get to know your neighbors. Say hi when you see them at the elevator and in the hallways. It pays well to be nice to the people you will see every day.
  11. Know where to throw your garbage and check when is the collection day. The information will be helpful to keep your condo home clean.
  12. Moving into a condo home or a gated community will require you to register and be a member of the association. Read about their rules and regulations and attend meetings to know more.


As a matter of fact, it is a big task to move into a new condo home and get acquainted with the new neighborhood. Give it some time and, you will be like the locals in no time! Oh, by the way, Congratulations on your Big Move!

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