Owning a home is one of the goals we all aim for. Having a place to call “Home Sweet Home” and being able to decorate it the way we want is something we all look forward to.


Megaworld Manila is here to make those dreams a reality. We want to be part of your next big step when it comes to condo home investing. We have here tips and insights that might be able to help you make that BIG Decision to Own a condo home.


Let us be part of your journey and be your partner with your next investment. Here are tips for your condo home purchase:

1. Research your options and make your plans before you do your condo home shopping. It may take 10 to 15 visits before you can decide which one is best for you.

2. Determine your capacity to purchase and pay. Focus on what you can afford. You might end up wanting a condo home that is way beyond your budget.

3. Determine the reason why you want to buy and consider the location, amenities, and the size of the condo home you need.

4. Figure out financing. Do your research on financing a condo home and know more about bank financing and PAGIBIG loans if you want easier payment schemes.

5. Examine your current financial situation. Plan ahead on how you will pay for your monthly amortization and your expenses and utilities.

6. Make sure the fine print is read and understood in contracts before signing them.

7. Fill out paper works properly and accurately. If you can have a diary of this investment, it would be a big help. Do not forget to get a copy of all the documents you will fill out.

8. Make sure the broker or agent you are working with is knowledgeable in the project he/she is presenting to you. They should be able to match your needs with the condo home they are offering you. He/she should also be helpful and easy to reach.

9. Educate and prepare yourself. Prepare all the documents needed for your investment.

10. List down questions to ask your Property Specialist or Brokers.

11. Choose a reputable developer who is known for delivering quality properties on time.

12. Do your research! Check the developer’s website as well as the other projects they have delivered and find out what the other homeowners of the same developer say about their condo home.

13. When budgeting, also consider the purchase of furniture for your new condo home, repairs if any are needed. Make sure you still have enough for your emergency fund.

14. Make sure the condo home you choose has emergency plans such as a generator and enough water supply for all condo homeowners. Also consider that it is in the best location – near schools, offices, hospitals, commute routes, and entertainment areas.

For more helpful tips on owning a condo home get in touch with our Property Experts!